Microsoft OneDrive - What do the OneDrive icons mean? (Web Version)


Three little blue lines

Three little blue lines on a OneDrive icon

The glimmer marks (three little blue lines) seen next to a file or folder indicate that the file is new.

3 squares icon next to "Owner" or "Can edit"

OneDrive shared collection icon

The three squares icon next to an album indicates a shared collection of files. You will see this whether you are the owner of the files, or if they have been shared with you.

Learn more about adding and syncing shared folders to OneDrive.

Diamond icon

Microsoft Office Premium subscription icon

The blue diamond icon on the toolbar shows your current subscription with OneDrive or Microsoft 365, and how much storage you have used.

If you don't have a subscription, select the icon to see what plans are available.

Chain icon on a folder

A chain or link icon over a folder means it's a shortcut to another folder that has been shared.

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