Omni Channel Contact Center - Agent Web - Quick Reference Guide


Contact center features and details may vary. Should you have any questions, please speak with your system administrator or Gazelle directly. 


Logging into the Agent Interface 

Agents must log into the contact center system. 


Use the unique account information you filled in above to log in as follows:

  • Point your browser to: https://<accountid>  
  • Input your username and password 
  • Click Sign In 

Please note that your account ID and credentials referenced above will be unique to you and your company. Please contact Gazelle or your system administrator for details. 


Getting Acquainted with the Agent Interface 

After logging in, the agent will see the web interface:


Information includes: 

  1. The logged in agent username and 10-digit phone number. Be sure this phone number is where you want to receive calls. 
  2. Agent status button and status timer. The button indicates the current status and allows the agent to change it. The timer is the length of time the shown status has been active
  3. Queue list and information. The names of all queues the agent’s supervisor has enabled for the agent will appear in this list followed by the queue type, number of calls waiting to be handled and the longest waiting call, number of agents logged in for the queue, and the number of available agents for the queue.
  4. Additional agent options:
    • blobid3.png  Phone Book may be clicked to view any contact names and numbers the supervisor has loaded to the system.
    • blobid7.png Dial Out button is used to make a call. 
    • mceclip2.png  Chat button is used to initiate a chat with another logged-in agent (if enabled)
    • mceclip3.png  Menu button gives the agent access to the current call session status and allows them to sign out of the contact center. 

Agent Availability 

Agents can signal their availability for communication with the Availability Status drop down box at the top of the screen. To receive calls, agents must be in Available status. 


Click the agent status button once to quickly change status to Available. 

Alternately, click the arrow to view the agent status drop down to choose an unavailability reason when you are not ready to take any calls, chats, or emails from the contact center. 


Taking and Making Calls 

When receiving a call through the contact center, your phone will ring and the call center interface will show the caller ID of the caller and queue that is calling (see example to the right). 

To accept an incoming call, answer your phone. 

The CCA will automatically adjust your status to Busy-On Call. 


To make an outbound call through the call center: 

  • Click the Dial blobid6.png Out button. 
  • If multiple caller IDs are available to choose, pick the appropriate one from the list. 
  • Enter the 10-digit number to call in the destination field. 
  • Click OK. 
  • Your phone will ring. When answered, the call will be sent to the destination phone number. 

While on a contact center call, be sure to use all call handling features via the software. 

Call handling features will show in the web interface as follows:


  • Hold- place caller on hold 
  • Mute- silence your side of the conversation while listening to your caller. 
  • Transfer- press then follow the available options to perform a blind or controlled transfer to a telephone number or queue. 
  • Add- add a third party to your phone call 
  • End- hang up the call 
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