Working from Home/Remote using CCaaS


There are some major differences between your traditional Office Network and your Home or Remote Network.

The contact center application relies heavily on a stable efficient network and PC. Home or Remote networks and PCs are note all managed with the same performance as in the office network you might be traditionally working with. As a result, the contact center experience may seem intermittently unreliable.

Desktop CCA will only work with Windows PCs and the following minimum requirements: 

  • A personal computer with at least a Pentium CPU running at 1 GHz or more 

  • At least 512 megabytes (MB) of memory Software 


WEBCCA For MAC users or Chrome books 


“MYCLIENTID” is to be replaced with your actual client ID. 

In addition, currently Telecommunication carrier networks that support your home (ISPs, Cable companies and Telcos) are hitting congestion points and are dealing with the massive behavior changes of traffic from business to home users. As an example, an increase of video streaming users, gaming and cell phone use.

Informative articles explain in more detail: 

Immediate tip: Reduce network traffic at home -- Limit Netflix/YouTube/gaming/ PC system updates while using CCaaS services.


Typical impact on CCaaS services as a result of poor internet and slow PCs 

  • Poor voice quality 

  • Dropped calls 

  • Missed calls (if you miss a call the next agent will get the call, it is not dropped)  

  • CCA login problems or disconnects/ non-responsive application 

  • Common CCA Error codes of 55030, 55102, 56021 

(an explanation of some common error codes can be seen here.)

CCA Connectivity Notes/troubleshooting  

  • If the CCA ‘freezes’ it’s trying to connect to our servers. It prevents users from sending additional commands while it’s unable to connect to our servers. Do NOT restart the software, the best thing to do is wait for it to timeout. Check our status page for potential known Contact center related issues, but in this unique time of heavy Internet activity, the reason for the dis-connect is likely due to local or public Internet congestion.  The software will continually try to re-establish connection, there is nothing to be done manually within the software itself. 

  • If the software loses its connection, it will not affect a connected phone call. No telephony or audio passes through the software. The two communication paths are entirely distinct.  

  • If the software is unable to connect consistently, consider our Telagent feature which bypasses the need to use the CCA software and reliance on the home Internet connection (a VoIP phone may still require a connection to the Internet). Telagents are not dependant on an Internet connection. Agent statuses will automatically be changed between Available, On Call, and Wrap-up. Classifications are not available with Telagents.
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