What Information to Include When Opening a Technical Ticket with Gazelle


Are you having service impairments and would like to have Gazelle investigate?  To notify Gazelle of an issue, please begin the process by opening a ticket with our Technical Support team.

When submitting a ticket, be sure to provide a call example no older than 24 hours.  While Gazelle may be able to troubleshoot something on its network that is older than 24 hours, many of our peer carriers cannot.  

First, log into the Gazelle Support Center.
Once logged in, in the upper right hand corner of the landing page, click ‘Submit Ticket’.
From the ‘Submit Ticket’ screen, you will then be asked to choose an area of support. Select ‘Technical Support’ from the drop down-menu.
Provide a ‘Subject.’
In the ‘Description of the Issue’ field, please enter the details of your concern.  The more information that you can provide, the quicker our technicians can isolate the issue.
Select a ‘Type of Technical Support Issue’ from the drop-down menu.
Provide the phone number that was DIALED
And the phone number that MADE the call
  • NOTE: Please include the time the call took place and the time zone when providing your call example.
Lastly, from the 'Occurrence of the Issue' drop-down menu, please specify how often the impairment occurs to aid in the troubleshooting process.


Our Support technicians will use the information provided in the calling and called number fields to search our logs for the affected calls.

The more accurate the information provided in these fields the quicker we will be able to isolate the cause of the trouble and provide resolution of the reported issue.

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