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In a hybrid multicultural workplace, the simple act of using the right pronouns for one another can help build trust and improve communication among colleagues. 

What are pronouns?

Pronouns are the words we use to replace someone's name in a sentence, such as “he,” “she,” or “they” in English. 


  • They asked for directions

  • I told them the meeting is at 9 am

  • This office is hers   

  • He will attend

     Whether or not to share or publicly display pronouns is always up to an individual. Pronouns should never be assigned to one person by another person. It should be up to the person using them to decide when, where, and which pronouns are used – including whether to use this feature.  Knowing someone’s pronouns does not always equate to knowing their gender identity. Importantly, choosing to leverage the pronouns feature as an individual user should be optional, not mandatory.  

      It is important to consider that for transgender and non-binary people, covering demands in the workplace, at school, or in other contexts, may make it more comfortable not to share their pronouns. Please be aware of any applicable local laws, regulations, or cultural norms that may pose additional risks to transgender or non-binary people as you consider whether to leverage the pronouns feature.

  1. Open your profile card in Teams or Outlook on the web. To open your profile card in Teams, you can select your profile picture in the upper right corner of Teams. To open your profile card in Outlook on the web, select your name or profile picture in Outlook Mail.

  2. On your profile card, select + Pronouns or the pronouns listed below your name.   

    Pronouns on profile card

  3. To add or change your pronouns, select from the examples (only available in English), or enter your own. To delete, remove your pronouns. In the example below, Elvia Atkins has chosen She/Her. The preview window also shows the chosen pronouns.

    Add your pronouns window ​​​​​​

  4. Select Save and then Got it. Changes are updated immediately.

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