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Since macOS Mojave (10.14) special permissions are required in order for a Technician to view or control a remote macOS machine. These permissions are required for both Remote Support and Remote Access sessions. This guide details how these permissions can be granted, and what facilities SimpleHelp includes in order to better understand what permissions have been granted or denied.

In macOS Mojave SimpleHelp requires Accessibility permissions to control the mouse and to issue keyboard events. On macOS Catalina SimpleHelp also requires Screen Recording permissions to be able to capture the screen.

If you initiate a session to a remote macOS machine, and only the desktop wallpaper and menu bar are captured, then this indicates that permissions for Screen Recording have not been granted.


MacOS Permission Request Dialogs

When macOS detects that an application is trying to control the machine or view the desktop the following permissions dialogs are shown to the user.

Accessibility ScreenshotRecording Screenshot

It is important to note that these dialogs are created by macOS, and not by the application that requires permissions. Granting or denying permissions is an action that must be taken by the user.

  • Deny - the application will not be granted the permission. The operating system will remember this setting and, by default, the user will not be prompted again.
  • Open System Preferences - if the user wishes to grant access they must do so via System Preferences.

Granting Access via System Preferences

To grant access to SimpleHelp the following steps must be taken.






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