Sending Faxes Via The Gazelle Cloud Fax Web Portal


The Gazelle Cloud Fax service comes with access to our Cloud Portal to be able to send faxes as well as see a status on your account.

Sending faxes is quite simple - check out the below walkthrough for further information:


Head to and you should see our login portal (see picture)



  • Enter the credential provided to you by the Gazelle team and click on "Submit"
  • You will be taken to the following page



To Send a Fax:

  • Click on the "Send Web to Fax" button


  • You'll arrive then at the below


  • Enter the following into each field:
    • Recipient's Name - the name of the party that you're addressing the fax too
    • Fax Subject - A general subject line for the fax 
    • Fax Number - the destination fax machine number.  Please remember to include the "1" when dialing within North America and Toll Free numbers.  For international number, enter the destination number as "country code" followed by the telephone number (ie. The Hilton Park Lane in London, UK fax number is 44 207 208 4142)
      • Once you have a number entered, hit the "Add" button to move the number to the "Destinations" box
      • If the number is an international number, please ensure you select "Check here if number is outside North America" check box
  • You can also select if you'd like to use a pre-built cover page or you can attach your in in your attachment
    • If you do select a pre-built cover page, you can enter a cover page message in the "Cover Page Message" text box
  • Attach up to 3 attachments that you'd like to fax 
  • Select the "Send Fax Now!" button to have the fax on its way



Once you've sent the fax, you can take a look at the status of the fax.

  •  On the main page, select Fax Activity Report


  • You will see the below screen then


  • Simply fill in the details as it asks for and select the "Show Report" button
  • Active Faxes will show a "Processing" tag or "Success" tag upon completion
  • Incoming Faxes will also be shown here if you'd like review them
  • If you'd like to resend a fax, simply click on the "Fax ID" for the corresponding fax you'd like to resend and you'll be presented with the screen below


  • From this page, you can then enter a new destination number (using same rules as above) and resend your fax
  • You can also view the fax or download the fax for your record


That's it!  You're now a fax sending pro.  Happy Faxing!


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