Troubleshooting DSL connectivity issues


When your DSL service goes offline we understand that it's important to get the issue resolved quickly and efficiently.  To help get your problem resolved quickly here are a few things you can check before getting in touch with Gazelle:

  • Check your modem status lights, the DSL and Internet lights should both be green, DSL should be solid, the internet light may blink indicating activity.
  • If your DSL light is off or blinking intermittently, you may have a service issue.  If your Internet light is red or off you may have a service issue.
  • Reboot your modem and then wait 3-5 minutes for it to re-synchronize, check to see if the status lights have changed or remain the same as they were before the reboot.
  • If your DSL light is solid and your internet light is green there's a good chance the connection is working, it's possible there is an internal network issue.
  • If your DSL light does not go solid green or your internet light is red or off there's a good chance your connection is experiencing a service issue.

Here's what we need to investigate a service issue

  1.  Name and address of the business.
  2. Site contact & access hours/hours of operation.
  3. Status of modem lights, particularly DSL & Internet
  4. Confirmation the modem has been rebooted at least once since the problem started.



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