988 QuickSight - Accept Invite and First Time Login



This article covers the basics of accepting your QuickSight invite and logging in for the first time. We have a few tips to help make this go as smooth as possible for you!

Accepting the Invite

If you've been invited to QuickSight, you should see and invite in your inbox with a big button on it that says Click to accept invitation. Once you do this, a browser tab will open and you'll be asked to enter some information.

Username vs Account Name

When it first loads up, you may be asked to enter your Username - this is going to be the email address you were registered with. This field is case sensitive.

At one point, it will ask for the Account Name. This is the same for everyone, it's 988canada.

After Accepting Invite

Sometimes after accepting the invitation and setting up a password, you'll need to manually go to the main URL again. The following link can be bookmarked and used later to login:

988 QuickSight Login Page

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