Genesys Cloud - Monitoring Interactions


Start monitoring an interaction

You can start monitoring an agent in several ways:

Through Interaction details

  • Go to Performance > Interactions and select the binocular icon (Binocular icon) next to the name of the agent that you want to monitor.

Through Queues Activity

  • Go to Performance > Queue activity. In the Interacting section, you can see the currently in-progress interactions. Select the binocular icon next to the name of the agent that you want to monitor.
  1. Go to Performance > Queue activity. On the right side of the screen, from the list of On Queue agents, click the + icon next to the name of the agent to expand the details of the interaction and click View Details.
  2. On the opened Interaction screen, select Monitor from the list next to the agent name. If there are multiple agents, first select the agent to monitor from the Multiple list. 
    Monitor an interaction

During monitoring an interaction

  1. When Genesys Cloud adds you to the interaction, a new interaction appears in your interaction panel. To view the monitored conversation, click the new interaction.
  2. A binocular icon on the interaction panel shows which interaction that you are monitoring.
    Binocular icon which indicates a monitored interaction

Stop monitoring an interaction

Stop monitoring an interaction in one of the following ways:

Within the interaction

Click the binocular icon in the upper left corner of the interaction that you are monitoring. 
Stop monitoring an interaction

Through Interaction details

Go to Performance > Interactions, and select the agent you are monitoring. Under Internal, select Stop Monitoring next to the name of the agent.


Interaction Monitoring Limits

  • An interaction (Voice or SMS) can only have a single user live monitoring it at a time.
  • SMS interactions can only be monitored once, so if the user stops monitoring they cannot start again on the same interaction.
  • Users can only live monitor interactions with users from within their division.
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