Setup Counterpath Bria Enterprise on iPhone


If you don't know your credentials, check with your office manager, or contact support - a username and password must be issued to use this application

These instructions are for Apple iOS devices, and were generated on an iPhone. The interface on your phone may be slightly different.

1) Install the application

  1. Open the Apple app store, and enter "Bria"
  2. Tap search
  3. Tap "Get" beside Bria Enterprise (not Bria - VoIP Softphone):

2) Install / confirm the app

3) Log into Bria Enterprise

  1. Enter your Username
  2. Enter your password
  3. Enable Remember Login
  4. Enable Auto Login
  5. Tap Login

4) Tap OK to allow Bria to access your contacts

5) Tap OK to allow Bria to access your microphone

6) Tap OK to allow Bria to work with Siri

7) Tap OK to allow Bria to send you notifications

8) Decide if you want to help improve the app

9) Enable Face ID if desired


The Phone Ready should show!

You are finished!

If you skipped any steps, you may have to uninstall and reinstall the app to correct the issue.

You can now make a test call, or dial *43 to conduct a loopback (i.e. hear yourself talk) test.

You can also tap the voicemail button to initialize your voicemail greetings.





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