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Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) is a feature of Microsoft 365 that ensures that, if you ever lose access to your account, you can gain control again.  It allows you to set up alternative verification methods, so that in the event that your password has been changed or forgotten, you can verify your identity and reset your password – without needing to contact the helpdesk! 

When a user is enabled for SSPR, they must register at least one authentication method. We highly recommend that you choose two or more authentication methods so that your users have more flexibility in case they're unable to access one method when they need it.

The following authentication methods are available for SSPR:

Mobile app notification

Mobile app code


Mobile phone

Office phone

Security questions

Users can only reset their password if they have registered an authentication method that the administrator has enabled.


Register for Self-Service Password Reset

1. Open a web browser on your device and go to the Self Service Password Reset Setup Page.

2. If you've previously configured any sign-in methods, they will be listed here.  Click Add sign-in method.  Although you only need to configure one, it is strongly advised that you configure as many as you can. 


You'll have six options.  Choose one and click Add to set it up.

Phone, Alternate phone and Office phone all differ slightly. 

Phone: Can receive a passcode via text or automated call, i.e. cellphone.
Alternate phone: Can receive a passcode via automated call, i.e. landline.
Office phone: Can receive a passcode via automated call, and phone number can include an extension.

Here's an example of what you'll see when setting up a phone method.

Another option is security questions.  If you choose to set this method up, note that the answers are NOT case sensitive.

Once you’re done setting up your verification methods, simply navigate away from this page.  When visiting it again, now that you have verification methods set up, you may need to authenticate using one to access the page again.


How to use SSPR if you’ve forgotten your password

During the sign-in process, choose either Can’t access your account? or Forgot my password, depending on where you are in the sign-in process.

 SSPR Screenshot

Enter in your email address and the on-screen verification code.  Click Next.

Now choose I forgot my password and click Next.  Note that you can also attempt to unlock your account, if you believe it’s been locked due to too many bad password attempts.  Resetting your password will automatically unlock it.

Now choose one of your verification methods.

If you choose to answer security questions, the answers are NOT case sensitive, however spelling and spacing MUST be exact.

And finally you are able to choose a new password.  


How to modify SSPR settings

Here’s a quick link to your security panel, followed by how to get there:


All of your verification methods that can be used for SSPR will be listed here.  You have to option to Delete or Add methods.

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